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March 23rd - March 27th 2020. (3)

Monday March 23rd

Feeling disoriented due to lack of sleep I started my first day as a Telehealth mental health therapist.

I was able to connect with all 7 of my patients over the phone - lesson for day one was needing to be more hands free so I could type my notes while on the phone. I worked until 10pm that night getting paperwork turned in.

Tuesday March 24th

I knew going into the day I had to rearrange my appointments as it was my daughter's 10th birthday. The shift did not allow me to have the day flow the same. I moved my 5pm to my lunch hour to work straight through so I could end early.

I started that day being informed that certain people had not been notified of the changes and that the offices had been closed with the transition to Telehealth. I was informed that my patient was very upset. I spoke with the patient and they seemed OK. (more on that at a later date)

I had a full assessment - opening a new patient that I had never met face to face.. I was able to speak to 6 of 7 patients that day.

And the day ended with cake and ice cream and a happy little girl.

Over Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, Friday 27th

I was able to connect with all 15 patients that were scheduled.

28 people and their families just in the 1st full week of quarantine! Sounds amazing to me too!

However, due to how we total session times 30 mins, 45 min, 55 min session times per an individuals insurance - I am to have 26 hours of direct patient time and although I was able to connect to 28 families I was under roughly 4 hours of my requirements.

I felt and still feel, even as I am writing this... defeated... there are safety nets in place for when things like this happen. However, even within that 1st week anxiety had started to creep in to my body.

What if I run low with my banked time, How am I going to find the energy to do the online trainings - because after 6 sessions everyday, turning around to do something educational for CEUS and training credited time after the day is over... I step back into a different role Wife, Mom, older sister, daughter/daughter in law and friend.

My emotions of feeling confident in my abilities started to fray from the beginning. I felt like I failed and my heart/chest still has that constricted feeling a heaviness.

In the weeks to come I was able to channel that anxiety the overwhelming, under pressure feelings to relate to my patients....

To be continued...

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